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'Pokémon Sleep' will do for naps what 'Pokémon Go' did for walking
So how will the Pokémon Company and Niantic follow up Pokémon Go ? At a press conference today they revealed Pokémon Sleep, a new mobile game that tracks your time sleeping to unlock new characters. It's being made by Pokémon Magikarp developer Select Button.…

MediaTek's New 5G-Ready Chip Is Exactly the Kind of Competition Qualcomm Needs
We’re still in the early days of 5G, but if you take a quick look around the smartphone world, it’s clear Qualcomm has gotten a head start when compared to other chipmakers. Nearly every 5G phone on the market today is powered by a Qualcomm modem, and while Q…

Pokémon is getting a new cloud service and a game where you play by sleeping
At an event billed as “a preview of the future of Pokémon,” today The Pokémon Company revealed a slate of new experiences, including a robust new cloud service called Pokémon Home, and Pokémon Sleep, a game designed to turn sleeping into entertainment.

Galaxy Fold delay will reportedly extend through June
It has been more than a month since Samsung announced a delay in launching its Galaxy Fold, and we still don't have a new release date. A few weeks ago, exec DJ Koh said "we will not be too late" and representatives indicated a date would be announced in the …

Pokémon's new game lets you catch 'em all while you sleep
As if you didn't cram enough game time into your waking hours, Pokémon is launching a new way to catch 'em all... while you sleep. The Pokémon Company announced the perplexing new app, Pokémon Sleep, at a preview event in Tokyo on Wednesday. According to the …

Pokémon Masters will bring back favorite trainers
Releasing later this year, the new mobile game will let you battle favorite gym leaders, champions, and other Pokémon trainers

Look forward to waking up every morning with Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO Plus+ - Nintendo Wire
Look forward to waking up every morning with Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO Plus+ Nintendo Wire 'Pokémon Go' gamified walking, so now 'Pokémon Sleep' scores your naps Engadget Pokémon GO will soon use sleep data to “reward good sleep habits” TechCrunch The Poké…

Pokémon GO will soon use sleep data to “reward good sleep habits”
Well, here’s a bit of surprise news this evening: at some point in the future, Pokémon GO is going to wrap the player’s sleep habits into the gameplay. It’ll come as part of a wider initiative by The Pokémon Company to — as CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara put it in a …

New Pokemon Games, Hardware & Services Announced
At a press conference in Tokyo today, The Pokemon Company has taken to the stage and showed off a range of new games, services and hardware that are coming over the next year or so. Read more...

The Pokémon Company goes Poké-crazy for mobile: Here are the announcements
From Pokémon Home to Pokémon Masters, let's see what's coming to mobile.

ARM Cortex A77 FAQ: Speed, efficiency, and AI coming in 2020
ARM's latest processor will turbocharge next year's flagships. ARM's Cortex A76 CPU is at the heart of the latest mobile chipsets — Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 and HiSilicon's Kirin 980 use designs based on the core — and it's safe to say that the core has been…

A home’s mobile terrace follows movement of sun
Architect Robert Konieczny designed the single-family home for privacy and a technology-enabled connection to nature The post A home’s mobile terrace follows movement of sun appeared first on Springwise.

What is (or was) your final Windows Phone?
The last Windows Phone I used was the HP Elite x3, a phone I initially loved, but came to loathe. Windows 10 Mobile is nearing the official end of its life, with support slated to end pretty soon. Unofficially, it has been in an undead, zombie-like state, wit…

The end of mobile
5bn people have a mobile phone now, and 4bn have a smartphone. Time to stop making charts.

Qualcomm asks U.S. judge to put anti-trust ruling on hold while chipmaker appeals
Qualcomm Inc on Tuesday asked a federal judge not to enforce her decision that it illegally squeezed out rivals in the smartphone chips market as it plans to file an appeal that could take more than a year to wind through the courts.

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