Nothing But Laptops

Watch These Two Robots Cooperate On a 3D Print
Putting a 3D printer on a mobile robotic platform is one thing, but two robots co-cooperatively printing a large object together is even more impressive. AMBOTS posted the video on Twitter and we’ve embedded it below. The robots sport omnidirectional wheels a…

Cole Anthony, James Wiseman Win Co-MVP; White Wins 2019 Jordan Brand Classic
College basketball's next wave of talent took the floor for the 18th annual Jordan Brand Classic on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with Team White edging Team Black 132-125 in the showcase...

DIY Apps, Patriots' Day, and Taxes - The Week in Review
Good evening from rainy Paris, Maine. If April showers bring May flowers, I'm going to have a nursery on my hands in a couple of weeks! Ten days ago my yard was covered in snow and today it is... Read the whole entry at » Related Stories…

The Game Boy made me a Nintendo fan, the Switch brought me back - CNET
The Switch perfectly captures the fun and essence of the original Game Boy and NES.

Virgin Mobile Promo: $35/6GB, $40/8GB BYOD Plans with 1,000 International Minutes
Looks like Virgin Mobile is offering a new BYOD promo at select stores.

How to Stop Your App to Get Failure
Introduction The mobile application market is one of the leading industries in the present time. However, the market has its own ups and down that is considered due to efforts, time and money. Every single aspect is responsible for mobile app development solu…

RVs offer comforts, and tech, of home - Albany Times Union
There's something intriguing about the type of vacationer that travels to their destination in a recreational vehicle. Or better yet, a person who uses a camper or RV as the destination in itself - a place equipped with all the necessary fixings for rest, rel…

Volkswagen Retail Pods
When we think of autonomous vehicles, we usually think about fast, cheap personal transport. But Volkswagen wants the self-driving revolution to make shops and services just as mobile as it makes people, and has presented some mockups of how that might work a…

27 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Sheets could do
There’s much more to Google Sheets than meets the eye. Unlock these advanced options–and watch your productivity soar. I’ll admit it: For the majority of my adult life, spreadsheets have remained shrouded in mystery. I’ve used them plenty, of course–to track …

The Head of the FSB appealed for the creation of international rules on the Internet
Latest Information Security and hacker news site.Know about cyber crime and law. Cyber Security updates to improve your network security

Zia Cooke & Jordan Horston Were Hoopin’ at Jordan Brand Practice‼️
The Jordan Brand Classic girls’ practice kicked off on Friday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. South Carolina commit Zia Cooke hit some huge shots during the open session, and Tennessee commit Jordan Horston controlled the game and set up her teammates…

iPhone users twice as likely to text behind the wheel than Android users - Autocar Professional
iPhone users twice as likely to text behind the wheel than Android users Autocar Professional The iPhone user is likely to be more distracted than an Android cellphone user when behind the wheel and could post, chat or stream more than the latter.

How Does The Express Logic Acquisition Help Microsoft And The IoT Ecosystem
The investments in embedded software and RTOS combined with a scalable and secure IoT platform on Azure transform Microsoft into a leader in industrial IoT and automation.

How to Impress B2B Customers With an Elevated Omni-Channel Experience
Today’s buyers are accustomed to the Amazon experience: a multi-million-dollar web platform with a streamlined interface and a highly predictive process. For years, B2B customers tempered their commerce in comparison with consumer shopping. But with U.S. B2B …

Inside Mars Base One, China's latest reality TV craze
This Martian simulator is the set for a Big Brother-style reality show, where participants must live like they're on the Red Planet

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