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Sprint Sues AT&T, Proving ‘5G’ Is Still Meaningless
A Sprint lawsuit against AT&T reveals confusion over the newest wireless standards.

Your locked phone could verify it's you by listening to your lips move
LipPass is a user verification system for mobile devices that verifies your identity by the unique way that you move your lips. Developed by researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the system doesn't validate based on the sound of your voice but rather …

Real-Time Person-To-Person Payments Are On The Rise In The U.S. -- Aité
It might not look like it, but Americans are moving to real-time person-to-person payments, largely from their mobile phones.

Card-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Knights of the Card Table’ Launching Next Week, Available for Pre-Order Now
Card-based dungeon crawlers are kind of "a thing" on mobile, and boy am I glad they are. Games like Card Crawl [appprice url=""] and Meteorfall [appprice url="…

Activision Issues Voluntary Refund For Guitar Hero Live
Activision has announced that it is offering a refund for any customers who purchased Guitar Hero Live after December 2017. You only qualify for a refund if you bought Guitar Hero Live in the US. There hasn't been a specific statement regarding why Activision…

Save $200 on a Surface Pro 6 bundle from Costco
Sure, Costco is the type of place where you can buy groceries and other items in bulk. Need 1,000 paper plates? Want a bottle with 240 Advil inside? Costco would be one of the first places that come to mind when you need to buy everyday items in large quantit…

Criminal Girls X is On the Way in Japan, Western PS4 Release Possible
If the rights thing doesn't work out, look forward to Culprit Gals. Or Outlaw Ladies. Or Jailbird Women. Yeah. The post Criminal Girls X is On the Way in Japan, Western PS4 Release Possible appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

Manipur: Journalist in jail under NSA, wife wages a lone battle
A Manipur journalist, Wangkhem was arrested under the National Security Act (NSA) in December last year for allegedly making derogatory comments against the Chief Minister Biren Singh and uploading controversial videos criticising the BJP-led Manipur governme…

Christophobia Is Real
The insidiousness of Christians who throw other believers under the bus to protect their own social standing

Argosy University is withholding financial aid. Students can't pay their bills.
“I do not — repeat, do not — have this money, nor would I be hanging onto it if I had,” said a court-appointed receiver. Students are owed $9 million.

Ep.309 — Moto G Falls, Newton Rises
Watch the podcast live every Thursday night on Twitch: ==== Sony Q4 results: Moto G7 hands-on:…

Google is testing revised two-step verification prompts on mobile
Two-factor authentication is something that everyone should have on their Google accounts, but the traditional SMS and Google Authenticator methods can be a bit tedious. Back in 2016, Google added a new two-step verification approval prompt for Android device…

Monster VoIP is a Fully-Hosted Phone System With Enterprise Features
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its launch in 2012 as a local Los Angeles company, Monster VoIP has grown to provide a nationwide cloud-based business phone system and unified communications. Monster VoIP provides a true enterprise system with…

The Irish Times view on Facebook’s troubles: logging off
The social network is facing fearsome legal and commercial threats

Sir Philip Green 'slapped, kissed and groped' woman and told black employee he was 'throwing spears in the jungle', report claims
The retail tycoon denies the allegations and insists he never meant to cause offence

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