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China grants first 5G licenses amid Huawei global setback
It’s official. After much anticipation, China named the first companies to receive 5G licenses for commercial use on Thursday. The announcement from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the country’s telecoms authority, came as Huawei, the Chi…

China’s Didi kicks off expansion in Latin America with moves into Chile and Colombia
The wheels are turning on Didi Chuxing’s first major expansion in Latin America after the Chinese ride-hailing firm announced moves into Chile and Colombia to double its presence in the region. Didi said it rolled into Valparaiso, Chile’s third largest metrop…

Apple to block third-party access to Notes field in Contacts with iOS 13
Apple's iOS 13 will block third-party apps from accessing the "Notes" field when requesting data from Contacts, addressing a little known but potentially impactful security hole in the company's mobile operating system.

Possible Finance lands $10.5 million to provide consumers softer, kinder short-term loans
It’s easy to be skeptical of lending companies of every stripe. They uniformly rely on customers who don’t have enough money to cover their bills and are willing to pay interest on money borrowed in exchange for capital they can spend sooner — sometimes immed…

Results of the FCC's 5G spectrum band auctions: AT&T to pay $982.5M and T-Mobile to pay $803.2M for 24GHz licenses; Verizon to pay $505.7M for 28GHz licenses (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)
Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica : Results of the FCC's 5G spectrum band auctions: AT&T to pay $982.5M and T-Mobile to pay $803.2M for 24GHz licenses; Verizon to pay $505.7M for 28GHz licenses — Verizon, US Cellular, and Starry also bought plenty in FCC's 5G auctio…

Storm Chasers Score Bullseye On Tornado With Instrument-Packed Rocket
Model rockets are a heck of a lot of fun, and not a few careers in science and engineering were jump-started by the thrilling woosh and rotten-egg stench of an Estes rocket launch. Adding simple instrumentation to the rocket doubles the fun by allowing teleme…

Win an Atomic Red BlackBerry KEY2 LE from BlackBerry Mobile
How would you like to win a Dual-SIM unlocked BlackBerry KEY2 LE? BlackBerry Mobile announced the contest on its Instagram page (@blackberrymobile) today. The company is owned by Chinese phone manufacturer TCL, one of three firms that license the BlackBerry n…

China issues 5G licenses to four firms: state media
China's industry ministry granted 5G licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Broadcasting Network Corp on Thursday, the state broadcaster CCTV said.

Why The Trade Desk Stock Slipped 10% Last Month
Shares of the programmatic ad company dipped in spite of a strong first-quarter earnings report.

Android Q Beta 4, Final APIs for Pixel and Essential Phone ready
The Android team is on the last stretch of prepping the Q dessert for public release. The Android Q Beta 4 and Final APIs are now available for those testing the new version on their smartphones the past few months. The final Android Q APIs and the official S…

Mobile Broadband Vs Home Wireless Broadband: What's The Difference?
Sick of waiting for the NBN? Is an unreliable connection letting you down? You don't need to settle for shitty service - you've got other options. More »

Pre-registration opens for NimbleBit’s new ‘Lego Tower’ game on mobile
If you’ve played either Tiny Death Star or Tiny Tower, then get excited for the next version of the game, Lego Tower. The game is slated to drop sometime during the summer, and it tasks players with building a Lego tower full of thriving businesses, just like…

Better Buy: Seagate Technology vs. Qualcomm
Which tech giant is a safer bet for a wobbly market?

China launches its first ever rocket from the sea
China has joined the US and Russia as nations with proven capability to launch rockets from sea, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency. It was the 306th flight for the China National Space Administration's line of Long March carrier rockets, but the f…

This Vehicle Can Launch 12 Suicide Drones
The Beijing Civil-Military Integration Expo 2019 on Tuesday has witnessed perhaps one of the most thrilling military inventions ever made — an armored military vehicle. Disappointed? You won’t be. This vehicle can unleash 12 suicide drones that can be used fo…

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