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Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop (i7-8750H, 16GB DDR, 1TB + 128GB M.2 PCIe, GTX 1050, 15.6" FHD, Win 10 Home) $1,263.20 @ Lenovo eBay
Apologies if I missed something, first time posting a deal. Been looking for a fast laptop for a while and this was one of the cheapest with 16 gigs of ram and 8750h processor I found. Compared to a very popular 8300h -…

The Tech Guy 1545
A new Microsoft scam is reported by the NY Times, using a Samsung Galaxy S9 with your own SIM card, buying your own modem for Verizon FIOS, troubleshooting a laptop touchpad, the best password managers, mesh routers, alternatives to a cable DVR and more of yo…

Microsoft’s next-gen Surface lineup leaked; includes foldable Andromeda device, AMD Surface Laptop and more
According to Thurrott writer Brad Sams in his new book, Beneath A Surface, Microsoft will release a dual-screen Andromeda device, the all-new Surface Laptop with AMD processor, a modular Surface Studio monitor, and more.

The New Screen Savers 185: temi - The Personal Robot Assistant for Your Home
On 'The New Screen Savers' recorded on Saturday, December 1, 2018, with Leo Laporte and Iain Thomson: Leo and Iain discuss the massive Marriott breach of 500 million customers data, CRISPR-edited babies, and NASA's InSight lander on Mars. Danny Isserles from …

Robberies, muggings rampant in the capital
Police register cases regarding the incidents in respective police stations The post Robberies, muggings rampant in the capital appeared first on The Express Tribune.

NATO exercises cyber defences as threat grows
Tartu, Estonia (AFP) Nov 30, 2018 In a nondescript brick building on the snowy edge of Estonia's second city Tartu, soldiers in camouflage tap silently at computers. They are troops manning the 21st century's front line. With its harsh lighting and partitione…

Cannot suspend and mobile network stops working
I'm on thinkpad x240, Ubuntu 18.04 updated from 16.04. Steps to reproduce: No WiFi connection, only mobile network connected. Suspend two times, after third time laptop won't suspend and mobile network stops working. I'm looking for some kind of work around.

Ping works, wireless connected, no stable internet
I'm running into probably a very niche issue here, but bare with me: I have an old (2014) laptop that I've converted into a linux desktop at home. Mostly for storing extra stuff over scp. Today, all of a sudden, the network of this machine slowed to a crawl. …

18.04 Realtek ACL898 jack detection
I am trying to get my headphones working with Kubuntu 18.04 on my laptop with a Realtek ACL898. Hardware I have three 3.5 mm jacks on my laptop, Line Out, Mic, and Headphones, in that order. The headphone jack also includes a SPDIF output, judging by the red …

Need help with Laptop Display adapters
Need help with Laptop Display adapters - posted in Windows 10 Support: My intel graphics 630 always takes priority over my NVIDIA GTX 1050. Ive tried nvidia control panels setting everything to use my 1050 however my display still wont do it. My computer is I…

Get more life out of your battery when watching movies in Windows 10
Watching films or TV shows on a laptop is a great way to pass time when travelling for work. But you'll likely often have to contend with the computer battery running out before your trip ends.

Risks Digest 30.93
Posted by RISKS List Owner on Dec 01 RISKS-LIST: Risks-Forum Digest Saturday 1 November 2018 Volume 30 : Issue 93 ACM FORUM ON RISKS TO THE PUBLIC IN COMPUTERS AND RELATED SYSTEMS (comp.risks) Peter G. Neumann, moderator, chmn ACM Committee on Computers and P…

A California man was shot 8 times and died after checking on concerned neighbor's house
(CNN) -- Patrick Smith was the type of guy to always lend a helping hand, wife Elizabeth Smith said. So it wasn't out of the ordinary that he went to check on the house of a concerned next-door neighbor who heard noises outside her home. What happened next …

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